Tinker Belle 3D Mink Lashes

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Tinker Bell Mink Lashes! "The Celebrity" Guaranteed!

Tinker Bell Mink Lashes (100% Cruelty Free, Mink Luxury Strip Natural False lashes)

These plush mink lashes give your eyes a beautiful glam lift, for an elegant and glam finish to any day or evening look.

Prime mink lashes have been a popular choice because of their show stopping effect on camera.

These lashes are EXTRA LONG LASTING, light wearing, reusable and will keep the original shape and form for over 30 wears when handled with care.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS -Soft cotton band and free from chemical processes and dyes.

CRUELTY FREE - handcrafted from naturally shed 100% authentic Siberian mink hairs, Tinker Bell Lashes are made ensuring no animal is harmed.

Application Instructions:

Step 1: Measure lashes against your eye then trim from the outer corners of the Lashes to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit. This prevents any discomfort in the corners of your eyes while allowing you to maintain the natural shape of the Lash.

Step 2: We do not recommend applying any type of product to the Lashes so if you can't live without mascara here's where you should apply, BEFORE putting your lashes on. This stage is optional but suggested to extend the life of your lashes.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Lash glue to the band of the Lashes and wait 15-40 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky.

Step 4: Using your fingers or tweezers, gently set the Lash as close to the middle of your natural lash line as possible and hold securely.

Step 5: Finally, press the outer and inner corners of the lashes until the band is secure.

Keep lash band clean & store it in its case for safety.